Ready... Steady... Launch...(or Re-Launch)

EEEK! Re-Launch day is fast approaching and I am in a bit of a jittery mood right now. I keep thinking I have forgotten something and it's making me very nervous.

Shattered Soul: Pre-Order available on Amazon now

My manuscripts, in every form they have to be in, have been uploaded to the various sites I am using to publish Shattered Soul and now is the final push for promotion.

It's a hard thing to do at the same time as caring for my family and holding down a very demanding and exhausting job, however, it is also very rewarding. I'm writing this with my 2 proof copies sitting next to me and it makes me proud to see them with their beautiful covers and lovely interiors.

I hope so much that the book does better this time round. I'm sure the cover and the new blurb will help. It really does look so much more professional than it did 2 years ago.

From the moment I decided on a re-launch I have learned so much about self-publishing and I know that if it works it will take me on a fantastic journey.

If you haven't done so yet get your eBook pre order on your country's Amazon site. Click on the links below.

🇬🇧 Amazon UK 🇺🇸 Amazon US 🇨🇦 Amazon Canada

🇦🇺 Amazon Australia

So, fingers crossed my friends and I'll update you on how the re-launch goes at the end of November.


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