Before The Bells Toll

Another Christmas over and now starts the countdown to another new year. And this new year I expect good, if not great, things. Shattered Soul has been receiving some good reviews and even made it into the top twenty in one of its categories on Amazon on release day, peaking at #17. This blew me away and was more than I had ever imagined would happen a year after publication let alone on release day. I can't thank all the people who have taken a chance on this book enough for their support. You know who you are.

I know I have said it many times before but I have been on the biggest learning curve of my life since I was at secondary school. I've also realised that there is a hugely supportive writing community out there in the big wide world. I have had help and support from people I don't even know but are in the same boat as me. It's hard being an Indie Author. For a start, it's very lonely. Since I am responsible for absolutely every detail from writing to publishing and everything in between I really only have myself to talk to. And I do talk to myself. I'm waiting for men in white coats to come and cart me off. Now herein lies another difficulty in self publishing. Finding time to actually write. I run a business with my husband and the job I do is extremely exhausting hard graft. I also have three children at home so my writing time usually happens after 10pm or at 5 in the morning since it's the only times I don't hear the word 'mum'. This is also the reason my blog posts are rather sporadic. I have made a promise to myself to have more content on this website this year and make sure I get more writing done. At the moment I am preparing Saviour of The Soul for release at the end of January, which is easier since I know what I'm doing now, and as soon as that's done I'll be releasing Heart and Soul shortly after. I am halfway through my fourth book and I'm desperate to get back in to it. It's got a fantastic storyline and if you like my first books you'll love the next ones.

My timeline for the year ahead looks like this:

January - Saviour of The Soul releases on 29th

March - Heart and Soul releases (Date TBA)

June - A WIP Romantic Comedy releases (Date TBA)

August - November - The Intimidation Game (Proposed Release

Date TBA but may be later)

December - A short Christmas Story (Time permitting)

And so as we head in to 2019 I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Onwards and upwards and here's to more happy readers.


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