Heart and Soul Cover Reveal

So Monday was an exciting day for me. I usually hate Monday's, I'm always out of sorts and feel like I'm chasing my tail all day. Not on Monday 25th of March though. It was the day I revealed the cover for Heart and Soul and oh my it went down a treat.

Heart and Soul Paperback Cover

This cover completes the set and I think it does so perfectly. Seeing all three together gives me a lovely warm feeling inside.

Soul Series

I also had a lot of fun making the teaser graphics for the reveal day however it's hard to pick snippets without giving away too much of the plot.

I got a great response to these images and I think they give enough but not too much. There was a lot of sharing and wonderful comments on them and I'm so please people liked them.

This book has been in the works since 2016 and I'm so happy that it's almost time for release and I now have a beautiful series under my belt. I'm going to miss writing Gina and Steven. They've become part of my life and have seen me through some really tough times. This is probably the reason I can't quite let them go just yet.

My current WIP series is going to be a group of standalone books and the first one, The Intimidation Game, will feature a character already introduced in The Soul Series. Gina and Steven make a brief appearance too. As I said I can't let them go just yet.

I have so many ideas for new books that sometimes I think my head is about to burst. The only thing holding me back from getting them all down on paper is father time. I honestly feel like I could benefit from a 30 hour day and if I didn't need to sleep that would be an even bigger bonus. Oh and then there's that little problem of having to work for a living. But, alas, we have to do what we have to do and a self published writer has to support their family somehow, so the evil day job has to stay for the time being.

And now it's all about release day on 9th of April. I love release day. It's so much fun to watch the numbers go up as people download the ebook or buy a paperback. And then as they are read and the reviews start to come in it's nice to see how well people have taken to the story. I do hope I have done Gina and Steven's conclusion justice and that their HEA is just what they deserve.

My love and grateful thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey and I can't wait to share all my new stories with you.

Claire x

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