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Crush Cabaret Series
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I’m barely surviving. Selling myself is as low as it gets.




I’m one debt collection letter away from being hauled to court. I didn’t think helping my family would leave me almost destitute. My dancing job doesn’t make enough to keep the wolves from the door. But when a handsome stranger saves me from an awkward encounter with an unwanted admirer, it’s a debt I don’t mind paying. Until he sets out his terms that is. His offer will free me from my money troubles, but is selling myself to fool his family going to eventually drown me in shame?




My playboy lifestyle is catching up with me fast. I know I need to smarten up if I’m to have any chance of taking over my father’s business, but living with a heart that’s been torn to pieces isn’t easy. A damsel in distress gives me the means to prove my worth, but I’m not prepared when she captivates me. She’s more than a business deal, but my heart simply can’t handle being broken again when we have to part ways. I’m terrified of what my life will look like, with or without her, but  when my family needs me, my happiness means nothing.

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Guarded Hearts

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