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Bruises heal, but broken hearts can be scarred forever…….


Nikki fled South Africa to escape an abusive relationship. All she wanted was to disappear and start anew and Glasgow offered the perfect place to hide. Landing in the world of corporate espionage was the last thing Nikki had in mind. Landing in her boss's bed was certainly a step beyond. If the last year taught her anything, this is not a road she wants to travel again. Keeping her secret shame close to her chest is just as important as staying hidden.


Dan has it all, or so it seems. A worldwide software empire, staff to meet his every need, and wealth beyond comprehension. He can't help wanting one more thing. Nikki. But he has secrets of his own, and secrets have a way of rearing their ugly head when least expected.

Can Nikki and Dan forge a new life together, or will a love borne from secrecy be the catalyst that brings down an empire?


The line between business and pleasure is well and truly destroyed in this hot new novel from the author of The Soul Series.


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The toughest battle you’ll ever have to fight is the one inside yourself.



I hate Joe. A stickler for rules, he made an enemy of me the moment we met. But I see something tragically familiar in him. I shouldn’t get involved. He wants to be left alone, but the guilt I carry over my brother’s death has given me a false sense of duty. I thought we’d be friends, I never expected to fall in love with him. And I never expected I’d need him as much as I do when my dysfunctional family finally falls apart.



I know all too well that war changes you. Routine is the only thing that keeps my mind on the straight and narrow. But you can only hold your demons at bay for so long before they start to wreak havoc. I never thought I’d find an ally in Nessa. I’ve watched her from afar for the last three years, and fallen for her from even further away. She’s strong and caring and everything I need. But I’m falling apart, and I fear I’m going drag her down into the depths of my despair.


War Games is an enemies to friends to lovers story that deals with the psychological aftermath of war.

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